List Of Email Ids of All the OSCB Staffs

SR Name Email Id
1Dr. Uddhaba Chandra Majhi,IAS,Managing Director
[email protected]
3Sri Subash Ch. Mishra,General Manager [email protected]
4Sri Sanjeev K. Mishra,General Manager [email protected]
5Sri A.N.Patro, Dy. General Manager [email protected]
6Sri Ashok Ku. Dash,Asst General Manager [email protected]
7Sri A. N. Mohanty, Dy. General Manager [email protected]
8Sri Sakti Dutta Mishra,System Analyst [email protected]
9Sri H. C. Das, Dy. General Manager [email protected]
10Sri Bhakteswar Malik, Dy. General Manager [email protected]
11Sri A. K. Samal, Dy. General Manager [email protected]
12Sri P. K. Jena,Manager [email protected]
13Smt. Banashree Mallick, Dy. General Manager[email protected]
14Sri Karunakar Hansda, Dy. General Manager[email protected]
15Sri Bhadu Murmu, Dy. General Manager [email protected]
16Sri R. N. Kalundia, Dy. General Manager [email protected]
17Sri K. C. Jalli, Dy. General Manager [email protected]
18Sri M. N.Samal, Dy. General Manager [email protected]
19Sri Narayan Madhei, Dy. General Manager [email protected]
20Sri A.K.Lenka, Dy. General Manager [email protected]
21Sri Pradodh Kr. Mishra, Dy. General Manager [email protected]
22Sri Sashi Bhusan Mohanta,Asst. General Manager [email protected]
23Sri Krushna Ch. Dani, Asst. General Manager [email protected]
24Sri Niranjan Pattnaik, Asst. General Manager [email protected]
25Sri Surendra Kr. Pradhan, Asst. General Manager [email protected]
26Sri Harihar Mallick,Asst Manager [email protected]
27Sri Banamali Sahoo,Asst. Manager [email protected]
28Sri K. C. Swain,Asst. Manager [email protected]
29Smt. Pranati Das, Asst. Manager[email protected]
30Sri Rabin Ku. Sethi,Asst. Manager [email protected]
31Smt. Sabita Behera,Asst. Manager [email protected]
32Sri Uma Prsad Pattnaik,Asst. Manager [email protected]
33Sri Bibhuti Bhusan Ghivela,Asst. Manager [email protected]
34Sri Sidharth Badajena,Asst. Manager [email protected]
35Sri Abhisek Acharya,Asst. Manager[email protected]
36Sri Sunil Pradhan,Asst. Manager [email protected]
37Smt. Sarita Jayanti Patnaik,Asst. Manager[email protected]
38Sri Aishurya Ratna Mohanty,Asst. Manager [email protected]
39Smt. Ranjana Pradhan, Asst. Manager [email protected]
40Ms.Manorama Mohanty,Asst. Manager [email protected]
41Sri Kali Prasad Behera,Asst. Manager [email protected]
42Sri Baroda Ku. Choudhury,Asst. Manager [email protected]
43Sri Anil Kumar Pradhan,Asst. Manager[email protected]
44Sri Prabhudutta Guru,Asst. Manager [email protected]
45Sri Rabi Kiran Pattnaik,Asst. Manager [email protected]
46Sri Bipin Bihari Das,Asst. Manager [email protected]
47Sri Sarada Prasanna Seth,Asst. Manager [email protected]
48Sri Debasish Nayak,Asst. Manager [email protected]
49Sri Sushil Kumar Padhan,Asst. Manager[email protected]
50Sri Upendra Ku. Moharana,Asst. Manager [email protected]
51Smt. Pravati Sahu,Asst. Manager [email protected]
52Miss Subhashree Biswal,Asst. Manager [email protected]
53Miss Pragyan Paramita Rout,Asst. Manager [email protected]
54Miss Monalisa Nayak,Asst. Manager [email protected]
55Sri Himanshu Kumar Samal,Asst. Manager [email protected]
56Sri Dharmendra Ku. Meher,Asst. Manager [email protected]
57Sri Suryakanta Swain,Asst. Manager [email protected]
58Sri Koushik Nayak,Asst. Manager [email protected]
59Sri Jaya Prakash Rout,Asst. Manager [email protected]
60Sri Aditya Prasad Pradhan,Asst. Manager adity[email protected]
61Sri Soumya Ranjan Pradhan,Asst. Manager [email protected]
62Miss Sadhana Dash,Asst. Manager [email protected]
63Miss Bibhab Laxmi Ray,Asst. Manager[email protected]
64Sri Sudhansu Sekhar Mallick,Asst. Manager [email protected]
65Sri Sudhir Kumar Behera,Asst. Manager [email protected]
66Miss Babina Sethi,Asst. Manager [email protected]
67Sri Jayadev Bihari,Asst. Manager [email protected]
68Sri Satyajit Behera,Asst. Manager [email protected]
69Miss Sanghamitra Sethi,Asst. Manager [email protected]
70Sri Bhagirathi Besra,Asst. Manager [email protected]
71Sri Amit Soreng,Asst. Manager [email protected]
72Sri Rashmi Ranjan Kuanr,Asst. Manager [email protected]
73Miss Udiya Naik,Asst. Manager [email protected]
74Miss Kanchan Prava Kuanr,Asst. Manager [email protected]
75Sri Rabindra Soren,Asst. Manager [email protected]
76Sri Subash Ch. Kishan,Asst. Manager [email protected]
77Sri Prasant Dora,Asst. Manager [email protected]
78Sri Satya Ranjan Lakra,Asst. Manager [email protected]
79Miss Alma Toppo,Asst. Manager[email protected]
80Sri Satya Ranjan Behera,Asst. Manager [email protected]
81Miss Upali Aparajita Sethi,Asst. Manager [email protected]
82Smt. Bhagyalaxmi Behera,System Manager [email protected]
83Sri Bibhu Prasad Sahoo,System Manager [email protected]
84Sri R. K. Mandal,System Manager [email protected]
85Sri Samir Ranjan Pradhan,System Manager [email protected]
86Sri Siba Ram Sahu,System Manager [email protected]
87Sri Gangadhar Samal,System Manager [email protected]
88Sri Chinmaya Choudhury,System Manager [email protected]
89Miss B. Nandini Rao,System Manager [email protected]
90Mrs. Sarala Debi,System Manager [email protected]
91Smt. Baijayantibala Samal,System Manager [email protected]
92Sri Laxmikanta Behera,System Manager [email protected]
93Miss Puspa Hembram,System Manager [email protected]
94Sri B. N. Nayak,Banking Asst. [email protected]
95Sri S. K. Panda, Banking Asst. [email protected]
96Sri P. C. Thapa, Banking Asst. [email protected]
97Smt. Minakshi Rout, Banking Asst. [email protected]
98Sri B. Bhoi,Sub-Staff [email protected]
99Sri Sikari Naik,Sub-Staff [email protected]
100Smt. Sashirekha Mohanta,Sub-Staff [email protected]
101Smt. Netramani Pani, Banking Asst. [email protected]
102Smt. Malati Soren, Banking Asst. [email protected]
103Sri Narada Rajesh, Banking Asst. [email protected]
104Smt. Nalini Prava Nayak, Banking Asst. [email protected]
105Sk. Mehendi Hussain,Sub-Staff [email protected]
106Sri Bibhu Prasad Das,Sub-Staff [email protected]
107Sri Durga Prasad Sahu,Sub-Staff [email protected]
108Sri Sailendra Ku. Kabi, Banking Asst.[email protected]
109Sri B. B. Thappa, Banking Asst.[email protected]
110Sri B.K.Katual, Banking Assistant[email protected]
111Sri P. M. Mohanty,Sub-Staff [email protected]
112Sri P. K. Swain, Sub-Staff [email protected]
113Smt. Jayanti Nayak,Sub-Staff [email protected]
114Sri Chakradhar Naik,Sub-Staff [email protected]
115Sri Tusar Mallick,Sub-Staff [email protected]

 Shri Sanjeev Kumar Chadha, IFS

Principal SecretaryGovernment of Odisha,
Cooperation Department

Latest News

The Odisha State Cooperative Bank bagged the Best Performance Award from the National Federation of State Cooperative Banks (NAFSCOB) for the year 2015-16 for its overall performance in all parameters. The award was given on 11.08.2017 by the Finance Minister, Tamil Nadu Government in a ceremony arranged for the purpose. OSCB has been getting Best Performance Awards from the NAFSCOB for its overall performance continuously.


Important Update

  • The Core Banking Solution (CBS) Project of OSCB and DCCBs has been successfully implemented by connecting 355 units to the Core Banking Data Management Centre in the premises of the Odisha State Cooperative Bank.