Service charges


Existing Service charges
(w.e.f 15.07.2011)
Revised Service charges
(w.e.f. 25.08.2021)
1 Collection of outstation cheques
Up to 2000/-
2001/- to 10000/-
10001/- to 1.00 lakh
Above Rs.1.00 lakh
Rs. 20/-
Rs. 40/-
Rs. 3.50 per Rs. 1000/-
Rs. 25/- + GST
Rs. 50/- + GST
Rs. 75/- + GST
Rs.150/- + GST
2 Drafts / PAY ORDER
Up to 1000/-
1001/- to 10000/-
10001/- and above
Rs. 20/-
Rs. 30/-
Rs. 2.25 per Rs. 1000/-
Rs. 25/- + GST
Rs. 30/- + GST
Rs. 3/- per Rs. 1000/- + GST
3 Cancellation of DD/ PO Rs. 25/- per P.O.
Rs. 50/- per DD
Rs. 50/- per P.O. +GST
Rs. 100/- per DD + GST
4 Locker rent per annum Existing Revised (+GST)
Customer Staff Customer Staff
Rs. 500/-
Rs. 800/-
Rs. 1200/-
5 Cheque return
Inward cheque
Outward cheque
(Not to be charged where customer is not at fault as per RBI Guidelines
Rs. 50/-
Rs. 50/-
Upto Rs.10000/- Rs.50/- + GST
Rs10001/-toRs.100000/- Rs.100 + GST
AboveRs.100000/- Rs.150/- + GST
6 Cheque book facility
Addl. Cheque book (25 leaves cheque book)

Addl. Cheque leaf (minimum 25 leaves/year)

Rs. 50/-
Rs. 3/-
Rs. 60/- + GST
Rs. 5/- + GST
7 Issue of duplicate pass book
Last balance only

Previous entry

Rs. 30/-
Rs. 40/-
Rs. 75/- + GST
Rs. 100/- + GST
8 Account closure
SB / Current (with cheque book)

SB / Current (without cheque book)

Rs. 60/-
Rs. 40/-
Rs. 250/- + GST
Rs. 200/- + GST
9 Issue of Duplicate/ revalidation/ Pay Order/ OD Rs. 40/- Rs. 100/- + GST
10 Stop payment of cheque and signature attestation. Rs. 30/- Rs. 100/- + GST per cheque MAX � Rs.500/-
11 Loss of locker key or Surrender of Locker Rs. 250/- + actual expenses for breaking & replacement Rs. 1000/- + actual expenses for breaking & replacement of key + GST
12 Annual Service Charges of S.B./C.A. inoperative A/c. Rs.100/- per year + GST
13 Record copy of Cheque Nil Rs.25/- + GST per instance
14 Minimum Balance
For SB Rs.500/- Rs.500/-
For CA Rs.1000/- Rs..1000/-
15 NEFT NIL Upto Rs.10000/- Rs.2 /-+GST
Rs.10001/- to Rs.1.00 lakh/- Rs.4 /-+GST
Rs.100001/-to Rs.200000/- Rs.12/-+GST
Above Rs.2.00 lakh Rs.20/-+GST
16 RTGS NIL Rs.2 lakh to Rs.5 lakh Rs.20/- + GST
Above Rs.5 lakh Rs.40/- + GST
17 SMS alert charges NIL Rs.10/- + GST per quarter
18 IMPS Charges (EXCLUSIVE GST) Upto 50000/- Rs.5/-+ GST Rs50001/-to Rs.100000/- Rs.10/- + GST Above Rs.100000/- Rs.15/-+GST Upto Rs.10000/-: Rs.2.00+ GST Rs.10001/- to Rs.50000/- Rs.4/-+ GST Rs.50001/- to Rs.100000/- Rs.5.00 + GST Rs.100001/- to Rs.200000.00 Rs.12/-+GST
19 ATM PIN Replacement Rs.100/- +GST
20 ATM Card replacement Charges Rs.150/- +GST
21 Annual ATM Debit Card Charges NIL Rs.100/- + GST, Annually
22 Debit card above 5 transaction in other Bank Non Financial Rs. 6.27/- & Financial Rs.17.77/- Non Financial Rs. 6/- & Financial Rs.17/-
23 No dues (For Non Customers) NIL Rs.50/- + GST
24 Locker Visit Charges NIL 12 Visits free. Thereafter Rs.100/- + GST

What's New

Shri Rajesh Prabhakar Patil, IAS
Commissioner-Cum-Secretary Government of Odisha,Cooperation Dept.
Shri T. Prasad Rao Dora
Shri Lingraj Panda, IAS,
Managing Director

Latest News

The Odisha State Cooperative Bank bagged the Best Performance Award from the National Federation of State Cooperative Banks (NAFSCOB) for the year 2015-16 for its overall performance in all parameters. The award was given on 11.08.2017 by the Finance Minister, Tamil Nadu Government in a ceremony arranged for the purpose. OSCB has been getting Best Performance Awards from the NAFSCOB for its overall performance continuously.


Important Update

  • The Core Banking Solution (CBS) Project of OSCB and DCCBs has been successfully implemented by connecting 355 units to the Core Banking Data Management Centre in the premises of the Odisha State Cooperative Bank.